About me

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Throughout my career, I have primarily focused on private cloud environments, transitioning through various roles over the years. I began as a System Administrator, responsible for managing storage and Unix systems. Later, I shifted to an ICT Engineer role, where I specialized in automation and script development. Subsequently, I took on the position of Operation Manager in the cloud deployment domain, ensuring operational efficiency and process enhancements.

However, I eventually realized that my true passion lay in technical pursuits. Consequently, I made a career shift and joined a market research startup as a DevOps Engineer. In this role, I automated and managed a platform utilizing GPU Accelerated Machine Learning (ML/AI). Then I worked as a Senior DevOps Engineer for an IT Services provider working on numerous projects in the public cloud.

I am currently working as Site Reliability Engineer in banking sector :)

Beyond my professional life, I am an avid computer enthusiast, I’m very in to home automation using Home Assistant and other tools, I love managing my small servers and network stack while selfhostng several services spread over two physical servers, I used to be a dedicated gamer, and I am a hobbyist photographer with over a decade of experience. In my leisure time, I enjoy running, cycling and occasionally skiing.

Lastly, I take immense pride in being a father of two the most beautiful and clever kids :)

This website serves as both my blog and portfolio, where I share insights, guides, and other valuable content.

I hope you find something useful here 🌟